Monday, December 11, 2017

Wildlife as viewed by Thermal Camera

Here are some comparison videos showing a raccoon and some deer moving through the trees.

The raccoon was about 25 yards away and tough to see even with a flashlight in the early morning.  Lit up the thermal camera, though.

I never saw the deer until i put up the thermal camera and there were some bright red spots.  About 40 yards away as they moved off slowly through the trees.

Thermal Camera and Suppressors

Yep, more thermal camera pictures.  Here are some of the weapons we took pictures of after heating up the cans.

Warning, plenty of targets were harmed in the making of these images.

Here's video of a 22LR:

a Glock 17 (Liberty can):

Knife Making and Forge with the Thermal Camera

Yeah, we are pointing the thermal camera at about everything these days.  Technology lets us see the hidden world.

We did a comparison of quenching tool steel in water vs. motor oil.  i was quite suprised how quickly the oil heated up and how slowly it cooled the steel.  impressive.

Here is a better comparison of the two.

Thermal Camera Video for Target Practice

This thermal camera (Seek CompactXR) we are playing with for Drone use is also a ton of fun out shooting.  Shooting is fun anyway, so we took a bunch of video.

Here's snapshot of a 50 BMG (BMG = BigMammaGun!).  Before the shot...

During the shot...

After the Shot.  Barrel didn't really heat up as much as i expected.  that hot forehead caught the camera's attention, though.

Here's one of the videos.  more on the FaceTube channel.

The suppressors were great fun, too.  22LR really didn't heat up much.  Here is a Liberty Suppressor on a Glock 17.  165*F is the hottest the camera recorded.

Here's one of the videos.

An AR chambered in 7.62x39.  Love this gun!  The pucker factor is great - LOUD, belching flame, and throwing a 30cal projectile.  Gets everyone's attention quick!

Here is a lever action 357 (Ruger) with the suppressor on it.  We were only shooting 38s, so it was quiet, cool, and almost boring.  almost...

Lots of video on the FaceTube channel.

Thermal Camera for DJI Phantom 3

Working on a thermal camera to see through the trees and locate stray cows...

No pictures yet on the design, but the test flights are AWESOME!

here is some early test video... i'll try to upload more later, but we hare having too much fun lately.

Those stray cows don't stand a chance hiding from us...

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Laser Attachment for DJI Phantom 3

We are now shipping a laser attachment for the DJI Phantom 3 (Advanced) with the 4K camera. 

The package includes a custom, 3D printed camera attachment with two (2) laser diodes, a battery holder / gimbel protector, protective case, and a rechargeable CR123a battery.  The lasers point where the Phantom 3's camera is pointing.  The laser attachment glows-in-the-dark for easier handling in low-light or dark conditions.

2 different models - one where the lasers are always on, and last up to 1 hour on a single charge of the CR123a battery.  

On the 2nd model, you can remotely turn the lasers ON or OFF using the DJI Go App.  Easy Peasy!

 The laser attachment glows in the dark.

Here is the total assembly.  It weighs 1.2 ounces, so is light, balanced, and easy for the drone to carry.  The attachment on the camera is ~0.2 ounces, and does NOT inhibit the camera or gimbel in any way.

To see video of the lasers in action on a drone:

Video of the Drone flying at twilight with lasers on:

Video of the Drone at night with lasers on:

Video of the DJI Go App while the lasers are on:

To see a simple, easy-to-install instruction video:

Always on version is $28.95 plus s/h.

The remote control version (remote on/off) is $44.95 (plus s/h).

Just in time for Christmas!

send us an email at

Friday, October 13, 2017

Drone with a Knife!

Just kidding.  Not a drone post!  Some cool knives one of the boys has been making lately.  We have a separate blog to show them, and even some video HERE

The blog is