Sunday, February 19, 2017

One Big Bullet

Biggest one I've seen in the wild, anyway.  While hunting firewood for cooking my fish along the bank of the Sea of Galilee i found this dude.  I was only about 300 yards from the entrance to Capernaum on the northwest side.  In the rocks, and seemed to have been there a while.

For reference, that is a size 15 shoe.

Looking East toward the Golan.

From the looks of it, could have come from any number of old tanks still in the area from '67.

I may take it back to see if it will 'fit' any of the memorials that are around, or the Armour out in the pastures.

 Visiting with a friend who served on a tank crew in 1972, he said it was an AP Tracer round.  He wasn't sure if there was any explosives inside it as he had never seen one still in a single piece.

A little video.  Any inputs or clarification about the round are appreciated.
FaceTube Video