Monday, December 12, 2016

4x4 Camera

Yeah, with little WiFi cameras, a lot of the fun is finding new places to put them.  These cameras are ~$10, and you can even put an SD card in them to record the video.  With the WiFi, your phone/tablet can let you see things real-time.

Like underneath a 4x4.  We bent a quick-n-dirty bracket for the camera, to hang off the tow-hitch in the back of the truck.

Or, we also glued 2 rare earth magnets and it will attach ANYWHERE...

This one was really fun.  Fun and fast to build, fun to test, and worked GREAT!  Mud and water covered the camera over and over, and with a quick wipe, it was back in action.  Need to figure out a splash guard or something.

Here's some of our highlights:
4x4 Cam in ACTION!

Plus, you can check out that roadkill along the road BEFORE you have to get out of your rig to pick it up!  Efficiency!

Another Gun Camera - WiFi for Around Corners

Small, inexpensive cameras are everywhere now.  They have WiFi available, too.

Here we put a small wifi camera on a laser for a handgun.  Any phone nearby can see the laser in the broadcast image.

Really fun to use, though I'm not a big fan of gadgets on my guns... especially electronic gadgets.  Here we put the camera in the handle of a cheap foregrip.

I think these would be most fun for Airsoft.  Easy to shoot around a corner, not life critical.

Here is a different mount on another cheap laser.

The camera weighs only ~1.5 ounces, so it is hard to notice on the end of a handgun.  They are pretty inexpensive on eBay, too so that makes them even more fun.

Also, the camera can detect IR light - so if you have an IR flashlight or spotlight, you have night vision!