Saturday, April 13, 2013

IDPA Shooting Camera

Some friends are doing more and more IDPA shooting - competitive handgun shooting in 'dynamic' environments.  Very fun to do and fun to watch.

So... of course, lets put on a camera!

Several options we are using - our favorite is the high-speed (60 fps) camera integrated with the laser.  The laser showes up VERY bright on the video (CCD sensors are very sensitive to the laser), and with the faster framerates, we can get some good analysis and followup after the shooting to take notes on what to do differently.

Glocks are our platform of choice - because of shooting preferences and with the integrated picatinny rail.  Here is a 3D print we did of a custom camera mount.  Very light and very strong.  The next prototypes are even better!

The faster camera is larger, but not much heavier.  We are building a new 3D print to remove the bulkiness of the camera and house the camera electronics.  Make it smaller and lighter.

This is a nice profile - with a larger holster it fits and draws very well.  Our next housing will be smaller and smoother for drawing.

Another project to stay tuned for.  We are looking into building an aluminum mount as well for more 'rigorous' shooting environments.  Here is a side-mount we have for carbines.

These cameras are much less expensive, lighter, and easier to use 'in action' than the GoPro cameras.  The GoPro are very nice, but alittle too nice for when we are shooting!  If you are interested drop us an email for more info at  

Or stay tuned - we should have some video to upload soon...

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  1. I'm interested in doing a similar project. are you making your 3d prints available?