Friday, April 29, 2016

Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? Is it a $2K Drone? NO! Introducing Kite Camera!

This has been another fun project.  Having eager and smart assistants always makes it fun.

Yeah, there are drones to do this, but we thought 'hey, why not on a kite?', and figured we could do it better than what was already on the FaceTube.  So we tried, crashed a few, burned one, and got one up in the air!

Pretty simple design, with a small camera (17grams, that is like 0.6 ounces!) that can do 1280p video.  Or, it can do lots of pictures.  There are also some more expensive (and slightly heavier) cameras for 60 frames-per-sec.  This one was just right.  Another plus is that our small solar panel in the truck can keep it charged-n-ready.

Our kite was nothin' special, a decent, small, and 'cool' kite we can keep with us.

Good thing it was cheap(er), because its been in a tree a few times...

No problems, though... it led us to create our super-awesome-PVC-Kite-Picker!  Order now, supplies are limited ;-)

 Never down for long, we quickly got back into the skies.

Our only problem now in the Spring is... dependable wind.  Oh well - we keep this one in the truck for any chance to get it out.

If you are interested in our design, shoot us an email at  I'll help the kids make you a bracket (camera not included) for $5 USD.  Want a camera with it?  We can figure out a price for that, too.  Oh, and a nice, convenient, Android Smartphone app to view, download, and configure your cameras soon.

Stay posted for more videos!

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