Friday, April 29, 2016

Spring Miscellaneous

Lots of stuff going on, besides new leaves on the trees.  We've started planting the garden early this year - almost 1 month early... so we'll see!  With the garden in, the fences go up to keep the chickens OUT!

Some blacksmithing going on, too.  A new sword this time, and finishing up the handle on a knife.  Here he's making a few precision adjustments...

"yeah, straight enough for battle!"

The texture on the knife blade is pretty cool.  Handle is birch (from the Yukon), with brass mechanicals.

We got rid of one of our roosters, and with one left (for now...) we thought we'd break out our egg incubator.  Here's a little circuit for sending the temperature and humidity to the internet for graphing every 15 seconds.  Testing now to see how many days we get off the battery.

Oh, and it is spring, which means Trout Fishing!  So, we may not post projects for a while...

Livin' the good life!

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