Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Indoor Shooting

A friend has let us in to do some social shooting at his indoor range.  Very simple, but perfect for just a couple guys getting together for handgun practice.

Simple wooden frame, about 3-4 feet deep, in the corner of his shop.

The stop is built with sand and old tires - staggered.  The tires hold the sand in place well.

The range is < 10 yards, but that is more than enough for checking new loads, or putting a few magazines through the handgun each day.  The key to accuracy is PERFECT practice...  The black bag in the picture is a brass catcher.

Best part - its out of the weather!  Nice and dry, and with a space heater, it is more than enough to be comfortable.

If only he lived closer - i'd be there every day!  You'll see more project testing to come here in the range.

A quick video showing the range in action:


  1. The video is private, need to change the settings in youtube to public