Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trapping Project - the TrapTalker

Besides our raccoon efforts, we are interested in catching a bobcat up in the hills.  One idea to help improve the interest in the area where we might put traps is to add audio - an automated caller to help peak interest and bring a feline in closer to the baited area.

It has to be cheap (even disposable).  It has to last days, even weeks.  It has to be flexible - different audio for different 'target' animals.

Here is the first prototype of the TrapTalker.  It is cheap, even disposable.  It is flexible - load any sequence of calls, pauses, etc. onto the SD card and let it go.  And its small.

Here is a solar option - to charge and extend the internal battery on the MP3 player.  Only issue with this, eventually the amplified speaker (internal AAA batteries) will wear out and hamper the sound.

Several options - amplified sound vs. un-amplified (less expensive, less range).  Both speakers can be used together... or individually.  This combination will keep broadcasting even when the amplified speaker dies out.

Initial testing is just a zip-tie holding the TrapTalker inside the cheap plastic container and out-of-the-weather.  We'll keep you posted as we do some field testing... maybe with a trail camera too ;-)

Here is a simple demo out in the back.

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