Wednesday, February 3, 2016

More Chainsaw Carving

Winter time is slower, colder, and wetter than I'd like, so I try to keep projects and activities waiting for the dark months.  Besides, during the spring, summer, and fall there are so many things to do, no sense in wasting time on writing software, tinkering with electronics, or sewing blankets.

I've spent a few hours chainsaw carving again.  Of course, there is an app for that: It is helpful to review and goes step-by-step to remind me where to cut... and more importantly, where NOT to cut.

My friend the pro gave me some more Cedar logs, so I'm reloaded for the winter.

You can see the mouth here is way too big... better too much material than not enough.  So it was easy to adjust.

Turned out pretty good, but only whetted my appetite for sawdust and i moved on to another.

Here's the first one...

And here's the second one.  Focus this time was on the face proportions, and the front of the shoulders.

Some burning, some eyeballs (marbles), and some protection...

Chainsaw carving is really, really fun.  If you own a saw, it is worth trying.  And to watch a professional is always a good time.

Check him out -

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