Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Our First Hydro-Dipping

So, we've gotten some film for our printer to print some patterns for hydro-dipping some projects... but we saw this technique on FaceTube, and had to try it.

Basically, with a small tub of water, we sprayed 3 or 4 different colors of paint onto the surface of the water, then dipped.  30 seconds or less, and done.  And it turned out GREAT!

With an extra 30 seconds more of care and coloring, you could really do a nice, professional-looking job.

But for a rough tomahawk or old set of antlers? No way - lets keep it rough-n-real!

I even double-dipped the 'hawk and skull.  I completely (and quickly) submerged the 'hawk, removed it from the water, then dipped it right back in.  Not bad.

Still some paint left, I took an older set of antlers from a few years back, and double-dipped it, too.

I will do the antlers better next time - more care and less rush.  But this set isn't too bad.

Fun and easy to try, with great results.

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