Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Moving Past the Forge

Ok, its been a while and we've been busy.  We'll try to start posting projects and activities more timely.

The coal forge has been busy and we've moved indoors during the wet winter months to improve the appearance and functionality of our knives.

Most everything is done with basic hand tools.  We did get a small drill press and sander, and that has made a huge difference.  With the sander, we've started doing more exotic handles of wood, bone, antler, and combinations of them.

One of the boys spent a day at a larger metal shop doing a job shadow.  Very informative and also helped assure him that he isn't too far off from what the 'pros' are doing.

our little forge also does great to give texture and different finishes on the blades.

My favorite are the two knives we made from old files we found in a remote trapping cabin in the Yukon Territories.  We cut birch wood for the handles, and a light oiling and finish made them very pretty.  And sharp!

Its a lot of fun with minimal tool requirements, and a GREAT way to keep young men busy in the winter months.

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