Wednesday, February 3, 2016


The knife-making is great fun, but the REAL fun project has been a set of tomahawks.

We have several trapping tools that work better than a hatchet we carry while trapping - they are great for digging, chopping, etc. and are the #1 tool to grab.

Here's my main chopper, and it is sharp.  After a day of abuse digging frozen ground all it takes is 30 seconds with a file or grinder and it is ready to go.

If you have the time, however, take along the tommy.  Here is the best design we have so far - a longer blade with an adze backside (rounded and sharp, too).  Simple steel, shaped on the anvil, and welded to a piece of 1.5" pipe.  Easy Peasy.

Yeah, the welding is rough but it really adds to the character.  It was a great learning experience, too - we busted both the welds 3x before we got it tough and strong enough for our needs.

You'll also notice the angled 'plates' welded to the sides of the 'hawk blade - to help with splitting wood.  The 'hawk is plenty sharp, and these plates start splitting the grain well before your each the handle.

The balance is nice - forward heavy.  Easy to make a replacement handles as needed.

The best part?  The Adze!  Seriously - I want this on ALL of my tools, and even by itself.  It is that handy!  It shaves a branch flat quickly, and digs like a dream.  And it is fantastic for scrapping / fleshing hides!  Win-win-win...

The only issue we've found so far is that it rusts quickly - especially after scrapping a salted hide.  So... we did a quick-n-dirty Hydro-dip.  The rough welds and the rough paint go hand in hand.

Now the rusting is minimal, and only on the working surfaces which are easily (and frequently) cleaned by use.

Way fun project that keeps giving every day on the trap line.

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